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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Television with (k)Style

Eric can testify to my skill in picking the good shows--Blind Date, Queer Eye, Will & Grace--these are programs I loved from the first. And now, the Tube Prophetess blesses you with The Next Great Show: Blow Out on Bravo.

Blow Out breathes strange new life into the mold stamped with Bravo's lackluster The Restaurant. Lucky TV viewers follow Jonathan Does-He-Have-A-Last-Name?, hair stylist to the stars, as he opens a new Beverly Hills salon.

Jonathan brings a cast of stylists who live for hair, young beautiful people with lots of tattoos. He brings celebrities who pop in for cuts. Best of all, he brings himself: vain, arrogant, anxious, mildly womanizing, weirdly earnest, and prone to mixing metaphors or just plain not making sense. I cannot make you understand the treat of seeing a New-York-Style-Anxious Californian (complete with L.A. Accent, you know, vowels too long, syllables open, left hanging like trailing off thoughts) in a buff, tattooed SoCal bod, saying, "This guy's totally King Kong. He's the maaan," or, hitting on a woman he turned down for a stylist job, "I don't want to shut the door on that chapter."

Jonathan will blow your mind. Watch Blow Out.


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