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Saturday, December 03, 2005


I'm not in the greatest mood today, but I'm not exactly sure why. I'm just cranky. I think it's because I finally felt refreshed after Thanksgiving weekend, and then I slammed right back into the workweek with its infinite pettiness and tedium.

And then, I'm irritated at my classmates, because I'm the only student who turned in the final paper on time. This was a very important thing to me, the culmination of almost three years of study, and I made it my top priority. Yesterday, two weeks after the due date, one classmate emailed the rest of us and asked for some advice on editing his paper. It pissed me off. A lot. I replied that he should just turn it in; good thing tone of voice isn't relayed through email.

So, let me tell you about something else. Food. Today I made yet another astoundingly delicious recipe from The Chopra Center Cookbook. If you're wanting to buy yourself a little holiday treat, this is what I recommend. For breakfast I cooked hot rice cereal with apples and cinnamon, which is the most fragrant ambrosia I've ever thrown together. To entice you (without distributing copyrighted material), I'll tell you roughly how it's made.

First, I cooked basmati rice in soy milk with cardamom (mmmm...cardamom) and cinnamon. While it simmered gently, wafting comforting smells throughout the kitchen, I cooked raisins and chopped apples in apple juice, with cinnamon, nutmeg, and lemon juice. This concoction created even prettier aromas. After removing the apple mixture from the heat, I asked G. to stir a little maple syrup and vanilla in. Leaning over the bowl, he addressed the apples in the tone normally reserved for the cats : Well, aren't you fragrant! It did smell heavenly. Meanwhile, I toasted chopped walnut and coconut flakes as a garnish. Combine the elements in one dish, and eat!

Yep, food porn.

UPDATE: Ah, it was PMS.


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