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Monday, November 01, 2004

That CAT

Luna is an unusual kitten. She has none of the usual cat aloofness, pretension, moodiness, or fickleness. Let’s say a housecat has deigned to sit on your lap. Let’s say that you want your glass of water, sitting on the coffee table, and so you shift forward to reach it. The cat, most likely, feels insulted! Miffed! And stalks away with a flick of the tail. Certain felines would not “talk” to you again for approximately 48 hours after such a slight. Now let’s say that Luna is sitting on your lap and you reach for the water glass. No problem! She’ll readjust and resume purring when you’re ready. Let’s further suppose that, upon picking up said glass, you find it empty. Luna will gladly follow you into the kitchen and back to the couch. No problem!

There’s a dark side to Luna’s easygoing joviality, however: Nothing bothers her. It is extraordinarily difficult to discipline a cat who remains unfazed by any noxious stimulus you can dream up. No, she doesn’t like the squirt bottle, but she’s willing to risk it for the delight of eating Noah’s food. Yes, it startles her when the cut flowers she’s nibbling crash to the floor and splash water all over her, but she’ll go right back to them as soon as they’re upright. She doesn’t enjoy loud noises, my loud claps to get her off the table, but she’ll jump up again immediately. When I say, “Luna, NO!” she actually argues with me, meowing in the exact tone of voice of a middle schooler asserting that he will come to dinner in just a minute but he has almost won level 3.

Good thing she’s sweet.


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