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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Wednesday Writing Assignment

Since kStyle is out experiencing the natural world, I guess I'll take up this week's Wednesday Writing Assignment.

So. High school.

I learned a lot of completely irrelevant things in high school. I have yet to use any of the combinations of numbers and letters and funny symbols I learned in calculus. My first college English professor told us to start hating the five-paragraph essay, because it's completely the wrong way to write a paper. Chemistry was fun (sometimes), but I've forgotten everything I memorized about the Periodic Table of Elements. I've forgotten most of what I've memorized, actually, which sort of defeats the purpose. I wish I'd taken more art classes.

But did I learn anything worthwhile? I must have; we all must have. Surely high school wasn't a complete waste of time. So my question is, What did you really learn in high school? I'm most interested in academics, but you can talk about some of your more abstract lessons, too.

(PS. What's the difference between the Monday Questionnaire and the Wednesday Writing Assignment? I'm afraid that I'm coming up with Wed. questions that could easily be Mon. questions, too, which I'd rather avoid.)


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